Kings & Queens – COMBO #3 – DRINK INCLUDED

27 Apr

You like all things, seek the joys in life and look for happiness in physical beauties. Flowers and most living things use elements such as light, soil(food) and water which creates beauty and the necessary dosage of  love so that the rose has the will to make the most of any season (bloomed or un-bloomed). Quenching all thirst and fulfilling all needs.

Unlike the flowers and the trees our needs  cannot  be determined  by our appearance with no beautiful orange skin, purple hands nor green stems. Our body which calls for water, our souls which call for love are covered with clothes, make-up, and hair to provide an aesthetic appeal and mask our necessities.

We spend millions on make-up, clothes, and cars and try to cut our needs out of material things.  We sit in hair salons and barber shops for hours turning our crowns into glory, using our hair styles like the boldness of the flowers petal, the trees’ limbs, and the birds’ songs. We along with all things in nature are endowed with this creative urge to display. Even the earth cries out with gratitude once rain hits the paved streets and everything wet shines clean and new.  But unlike the tree or the street we are living things with souls. The soul has no desire to be painted or masked, not trying to shine but survive –  it must be fed. And no, the status of your soul is not determined by your new shoe or dress but calculated according to how you move your being in it.

For instance a woman with a fresh hair-do, fly shoes and the best dress with a solid core may do pirouettes of joy instead of just walking through her days. Her leaps through life confirm the soul is fed and the shell is beautiful. And others with hearts full of weeds still growing from past and even current events deceive the eye and deprive the soul only reveal glimpses and shadows of monetary happiness smothered with routine strides to make it to the morrow – while the soul is dying of thirst.

Because, it is not just the water that makes the flower beautiful, not just the hair, the clothes nor the talent alone that creates the character of a beautiful person. But very specific  elements, the perfect mixture of earth, water and Son.


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