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No Gender – Aloud! (For Kings & Queens)

No Gender – Aloud! (For Kings & Queens)


A musical instrument has no respect of person, but wants to be played. So pick up the instrument of your life and “own it and make it personal.” Eloquently put by Christine Kamau, the composer and trumpet player confirms how an instrument “can be played by anyone who is attracted to it.”


Kings & Queens – COMBO #3 – DRINK INCLUDED

You like all things, seek the joys in life and look for happiness in physical beauties. Flowers and most living things use elements such as light, soil(food) and water which creates beauty and the necessary dosage of  love so that the rose has the will to make the most of any season (bloomed or un-bloomed). Quenching all thirst and fulfilling all needs.

Unlike the flowers and the trees our needs  cannot  be determined  by our appearance with no beautiful orange skin, purple hands nor green stems. Our body which calls for water, our souls which call for love are covered with clothes, make-up, and hair to provide an aesthetic appeal and mask our necessities.

We spend millions on make-up, clothes, and cars and try to cut our needs out of material things.  We sit in hair salons and barber shops for hours turning our crowns into glory, using our hair styles like the boldness of the flowers petal, the trees’ limbs, and the birds’ songs. We along with all things in nature are endowed with this creative urge to display. Even the earth cries out with gratitude once rain hits the paved streets and everything wet shines clean and new.  But unlike the tree or the street we are living things with souls. The soul has no desire to be painted or masked, not trying to shine but survive –  it must be fed. And no, the status of your soul is not determined by your new shoe or dress but calculated according to how you move your being in it.

For instance a woman with a fresh hair-do, fly shoes and the best dress with a solid core may do pirouettes of joy instead of just walking through her days. Her leaps through life confirm the soul is fed and the shell is beautiful. And others with hearts full of weeds still growing from past and even current events deceive the eye and deprive the soul only reveal glimpses and shadows of monetary happiness smothered with routine strides to make it to the morrow – while the soul is dying of thirst.

Because, it is not just the water that makes the flower beautiful, not just the hair, the clothes nor the talent alone that creates the character of a beautiful person. But very specific  elements, the perfect mixture of earth, water and Son.


Be Hatched Or Go Bad

Be Hatched Or Go Bad.


Neighborhood Watch (A Thought For Prince Trayvon Martin) – My 4/20 Exhale

@ 420, I listened to Wyclef’s “Justice” video pave the road that Trayvon Martin could have taken if his journey was not cut short. He explains the possibilities of Trayvon’s future as a President, Teacher, Astronaut, etc. And I wonder about my neighborhood hoodie wearing teens and I see those positions and then some for our youth. But Kings & Queens I’ve also seen the wanna be Lil Wayne on the corner, the fugazi  Kobie at the park and the bootleg Larry Fitzgerald driving down my street and they could be these people one day or even greater, but what if they are all carrying the biggest weapon of mass destruction, ignorance.

Ignorance is what ended Trayvon’s physical journey, not just the gun. The gun in the hands of an intelligent man, with common sense, would have never come close to that child. The man with knowledge of self and his purpose would have never been lurking for a victim but trying to create a hero.

So to my neighborhood / village Royales, watch… not just for the villain but for ignorance, the disease, that crawls through the sound waves, imagery and even gets passed down from generation to generation. Yearn for knowledge so that our princesses will have more than a jester.

check it out:


Be Hatched Or Go Bad

It may be hard for an egg to turn into a bird: it would be a jolly sight harder for it to learn to fly while reamining an egg. We are like eggs at present. And you cannot go on indefinitely being just an ordinary, decent egg. We must be hatched or go bad. – C.S. Lewis

To my prince and princess dying to take their place at the throne. Rise up and reach out for your purpose, embrace the opportunity to be born or stay alive!


The Human Soul – Your Voice

The most desperate need of men today is not a new vaccine for any disease, or a new religion, or a new “way of life.” Man does not need to go to the moon or other solar systems. He does not require bigger and better bombs and missiles… His real need, his most terrible need, is for someone to listen to him, not as a “patient,” but as a human soul. – Taylor Caldwel

Remember, a voice is not necessarily a sound, it is more of a stance. Your voice can be heard through a painting, through writing, through some visual element. Just make sure you have one!


Asante Sana

Kings and Queens are everywhere in todays world. Did you know there are more than 200 million people who identify themselves as being of African descent within North & South America? Many millions more live in other parts of the world, outside of the African continent. King and Queens recognizes the international community and believes in connecting the global dots. Please join in the conversation, no matter where you are from. 


There are 40 million people of African descent in the United States! :)

There is power in numbers and there is power in unity.”
–Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


Asante Sana!

Hello  Everybody!!!


Welcome to world of Kings & Queens!