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Creative Cuts – Happy Fathers Day!

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Today is the day we celebrate our Fathers’ so Kings Queens would like to help the daddies with their swag. Wither you are young or old – have a father or are a father, these cuts are for you. Remember our products are for the entire family; my son uses the Comb-Out, Conditioner plus Oil Sheen Moisturizer EXTRA DRY HAIR Spray for his fro-hawks, my dad uses the Gel Activator Extra Dry for his wet hair look and my uncle likes to shine with Super Grow Light Hair Nutrient. Check out the cuts, then come to the site and pick up something for the men in your life.


Bangin With Braids!

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I was told by a friend that braids were juvenile. I’ve been told by men, “uhm…don’t do your hair like that with dem braids.” But I do it anyway and will continue to do. I have also received many compliments on my braids from men & women. Braids are a beautiful expression of my heritage as an African American woman. Plus they are super easy & low maintenance. Anywho, I see it’s summer and I want to look like royalty so I was looking for styles and found my sisters…bangin w/braids! Check out Jada Pinkette, Angela Basset, Alicia Keys, Jill Scott, Goapele and Solange!

To keep my braids from being tight and itching I use a Braid Sheen Spray by Kings & Queens when I take them out, I use the Comb-Out you’ll know why when you get some, get your braids and start bangin!